How do you attract and retain the right talent for your organization?
In today’s highly competitive world, businesses face a major concern – hiring, motivating, and retaining experts.
Companies like GE, CISCO, and Procter & Gamble are using the same approach in their organizations. This so-called approach is called, “Reverse Monitoring”. These companies pair senior staff with new and younger employees. Both senior staff and junior employees combine proven concepts, with fresh and newer ideas upstream along the corporate ladder.  However, there is destined to be conflicts in strategy and viewpoints between the seasoned staff and the new hires.
The recent statistics on a KPMG study on evaluating growth and revenue amidst constant change revealed that proper mobility can have a positive impact on creating and maintaining a productive workforce. Thus, whatever conflicts may arise should only help the businesses in the long run.

Contributed by: TEACHER UTADA
Vocabulary Enhancement:

  1. Talent (noun) a person who has natural quality or ability
  2. Upstream (adjective) in the direction towards a higher level
  3. Seasoned (adjective) aged; veteran; experienced
  4. Revenue (noun) an entire amount of income before deductions are made
  5. Mobility (noun) the quality of moving freely
Perspective Exchange:

  1. How do you attract and retain the right talent for your organization?
  2. Do you think “Reverse Monitoring” is effective? Please explain your answer.