How do you take care of your skin?
Men and women almost have the same problem when it comes to their skin. Well, believe it or not, there are different reasons why we suffer from skin breakouts. Acnes or pimples can be caused by stress or lack of sleep.  Rashes, on the other hand may be caused by some allergies or underlying diseases, which may need more serious medical attention. However, for simple acne or pimple problem, it’s easy! Don’t fret anymore. Simply get some ice from the fridge and douse it on your face. You may not know it but ice can decrease inflammation and relieve the pain associated with acne. Aside from that, it can remove your eyes’ puffiness after sleepless nights. In addition, running an ice cube over your face before applying foundation can shrink your pores.  It can also reduce wrinkles. A good substitute for collagen!

Contributed by: TEACHER GAY


Vocabulary Enhancement:

  1. skin breakout (肌の吹き出物)- affected with symptom consisting a rash or blemish appearing on the skin
  2. rashes (発疹)- any red marks or blemish appearing on the skin
  3. underlying (根本的な)- something that is not readily apparent; not seen; hidden
  4. fret(心配しすぎること) – worry unnecessarily or excessively
  5. douse (濡す)- wet thoroughly
  6. inflammation(腫れる) – pain,  swelling,  redness and heat
  7. puffiness (涙袋)- swell from or as if from internal pressure
  8. shrink (縮む)- decrease in size, range, or extent
  9. pores (毛穴)- Any small opening, small holes in the skin
  10. collagen (コラーゲン)-  protein in the body that gives skin its elasticity and strength. Low collagen causes wrinkles and other skin issues.


Perspective Exchange:

  1. What beauty regimen do you have? What does it do to your skin?
  2. Have you tried dousing your face with ice? Would you like to try it?
  3. Japanese are known to have beautiful and clear skin. Why is it important?

    How do you take care of your skin? Men and women almost have the same problem when it […]